Sample Mother’s Day Greeting Letter

Sample format of Letter of Greeting at Mothers’ Day. Greetings are token of love and gratitude and at international levels the Mothers’ day/Father’s Day is celebrated to pay tribute to mothers’ sacrifices and efforts in making houses —the homes! Go for the easy format to greet the mothers.

Sample Mother’s Day Greeting Letter

Ms. Jonathan Plath,
South Avenue, Leeds.
United Kingdom.

Subject: Letter of Greeting at Mothers’ Day

Precious Mother,

If I say, I desperately waited for this day just to wish mothers for what they make their children, then it would be as true as the sun rises in the East! It is a matter of great courage that you had invested your very self in the making of your child.You forgot about your passions, your dreams, and what you remembered is your child and your duties towards your child!
Explaining the wonders of mothers in words is simply not humanly possible.You are far greater in multitude than all the written expressions of poets and prose writers! You are excellent creature and paying tribute to you is just a smallest token of love for you at Mothers’ Day.

Our school management had decided to celebrate your worth in the development of your child and thus helping us in meeting our teaching targets possible. In your honour, we had arranged a tea party and requesting you to please spare time to attend the function and see what your children had made for you!

I am sure you will enjoy the function and will keep doing the wonders to the extent of miracles….yes, miracles by transforming your children into what you envisaged them through you loving and visionary eyes.

Best Wishes,

March 5, 2016

Sample Mother's Day Greeting Letter
Sample Mother’s Day Greeting Letter

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