Sample Application for Marriage Allowance

Sample application format for Marriage Allowance from company. Everyone can use this application as a sample for requesting marriage allowance. 

Sample Application for Marriage Allowance

Respected Sir,

I hope this letter finds you in good health. I am an employee of this company with the contract of 5 years. I have fully devoted myself to this company in my work and in my time also. This has been two years since I am working as assistant manager in this company and holding all the responsibilities with my best attitude. This is to bring in your attention that I am getting married in couple of months. Date has been finalized of October 4th. I am informing you to request for marriage allowance. I had the agreement of official marriage allowance with the company by the time of contract signing up. As you are very familiar with my condition, that I cannot afford the ceremony by my own. I have two families to feed at home and it gets very tough for me to pay for all the expenses with the limited salary I have. Recently, my mother had a cardiac arrest and I had to pay for her treatment by all the savings I had. This is my kind request to you to grant me marriage allowance as soon as possible so I execute some major plans of my life.

Yours Sincerely,


Marriage Allowance Application Format

The General Manager,
Fast Cables.

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter to request for marriage allowance. I am an employee of this organization for past one year. I have always been very passionate about my work and always gave my best to my work. I encourage you to check my employee card record so you can have an idea about my honesty with my work. I am happy to tell you that I am getting married really soon and I am requesting to grant me my marriage allowance as per the organization condition and terms. I shall be very thankful to you if you grant me allowance as soon as possible.

Yours Truly,


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