Application for Marriage Allowance to Boss

Marriage and Married Couple’s Allowance. Marriage Allowance Application Format. Sample Application for Marriage Allowance from company, office, factory, employer. Everyone can use this application as a sample for requesting marriage allowance. Necessary changes can be done.

Application for Marriage Allowance to Boss

The CEO.
United India Insurance Company,
Bombay, India.

Sub: Request for marriage allowance

Respected Sir,

It is stated respectfully that I am an employee of this organization for past three years. It is my good fortunate that I got into this organization which is so supportive and seems like a family to me now. I am writing this application to inform you that my marriage has been fixed on 4th of January 2019. It is a very exhilarating moment for me and also for my family but as you know that I don’t belong from a very well off family so the pressure of marriage is very hard on us. It is my request to please grant me the marriage allowance as per the terms and conditions in the agreement made between m and organization on the time of joining. It will be very liberative if I get the allowance as early as possible. This organization has always taken care of its employee which has made employees stick loyal to this company.

Marriage Allowance Application Format

The CEO,
India textile manufacturing company

Subject: Request of marriage allowance

Dear Sir,

It is humbly stated that my name is Ms. Rekha Ankul and I work in this company for past three years. I have been a very keen and vigorous employee and has been awarded by the title of “employee of the month” many times due to my unconditional dedication and outstanding work. It is to inform you with immense pleasure that my marriage date has been fixed i.e. 4th of February 2019.
As you know, that I am an orphan and eldest in siblings, my daily life is itself a struggle and things get out of hands mostly. I am pleased to be a part of a company who promises marriage allowances. Please give me, as soon as possible, my marriage allowance so I can continue the arrangements of wedding. I will be very grateful for this. I am looking forward to have a consideration from you for my request.

Yours Truly,
Ms. Rekha Ankul.
29 th Dec, 2018

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