Medical Aid Appeal Letter

Medical Aid Appeal Letter. Have you ever thought that without medical help survival of human being became very difficult? Proper facilities of medical care is utmost important for the well being of a human beings or any nation. In the time of crisis specially health crisis on time medical care can ensure the life of a person and negligence may lead to loss of a once life, which is irreversible loss for any one. Following is the sample letter for medical aid.

Medical Aid Appeal Letter

Mr. Vice President
Health care Ministry of Indonesia
Dutch East Indians

Subject: Medical aid appeal Letter to health ministry

Respected and Prestige Sir,

I, Mr. Coolly, from Disaster Management NGO, am writing this letter to make appeal from you as you know that Sumatra has faced major earth quake last week. It has been unfortunate crisis time and we need your assistance. However, it is now our duty to help our people in time of need. Time has arrived! Make sure to help out the people in the city, who are looking forward for your services with care, concern and determination. We cannot recover their loss but can improve the quality of their life through our medical care and with some positive counseling.
I can imagine it is tough for you as your team is already helping other people of Indonesia who suffered from this earthquake. But it’s a humble request to provide your support and medical assistance to culminate this endeavor. Your expert team is one of best medical team in the world now it’s a time to show your efficacy to people of our nation and other countries as well that we are best. Nothing can stop us to helping our people. Through our great services we had to set a high standard for world. Thanking you in anticipating and paying heed to my appeal.

Yours Faithfully,

Mr. Coolly
Date 12.06.18

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