Academic Suspension Appeal Letter

Academic Suspension appeal letterStudents have the right to make academic suspension appeal to their universities, colleges or schools. Institutes suspends their student due to multiple factors like; not maintaining adequate attendance, poor grades, failing in a semester or bad conduct during academic hours, sometimes it may followed by not following rules of institute properly. Following is a easy format of academic suspension by student.

Academic Suspension Appeal Letter

The Appeal Committee
Institute of management and sciences
St. Lawrence

Subject: Academic Suspension appeal letter

Respected Sir,

With due respect and honor, it is stated that my name is Rooter M Kahn and I am an engineering Major student at your prestige institute of management and sciences since 2017. I am writing to you in expectation of an appeal the decision of my academic suspension. It was not shocking when I received my suspension letter because I was thinking of this after my poor performance in final exam. My short attendance was another factor of this.

I admit I was not focusing on my studies and was taking it for granted; no doubt it was my biggest mistake of my life. I failed to attain good grades resulting in my suspension. I am extremely sorry for this. I have realized in these few days that how fortune I am to be a part of this institution, my education is everything for me and my parents have many hopes from me. I need your help please give me another chance to reach at the pinnacle of success in education and make some fame. Definitely I will go all above and beyond all the measures to achieve good grades this time in final exams, I know I have potential and I can do this. Please try to understand that my poor grades don’t reflect my potentials and intelligence. Kindly give me another chance to prove myself. If you accept my appeal I shall be utterly oblique. Thanking and anticipation!

Yours Obediently,
Mr. Rooter M Kahn

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