Acknowledgement of Services Letter Template

Sample Acknowledgement Letter of Expenditures the amount given by Donner company as donation to join hands for services being provided to the students by institution. Its an acknowledgment letter of services format. 

Acknowledgement Letter of Facilities

Dear Mr. Aslam Afzal,

Febco management has always been a supportive hand in our endeavors to create awareness among the people about the services and education which we are providing for poor and needy persons.Thanks for your continuous support, your letter dated 25 June 2012 received at 9 July 2012. We write to inform you that amount of Donations is spent on special children who belong to very poor families and cannot afford expenses for following facilities or services .

Education, Transportation, Medical Expense, Residence, Vocational Training like stitching, wood work, candle making, looms work,handmade items,flower making, computer designing, artwork, buying sailing skills.etc
We are catering more than 800 special children out of which 65% belong to very poor families and are not paying anything which on an average on each child Rs. 7000 /- are being spent.
We request you to kindly visit our institution whenever convenient to you, because we are working for welfare of needy students and want to make them self reliance members of society.
Kind Regards,







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