Sample Request Letter for Permission

Sample request letter from different  companies and corporations want to fulfill their cooperative social responsibility and spend time to their daily schedule for the betterment of mentally and physically handicap children. Their collaboration with these children  is a source of encouragement, their love care attention make them self reliance member of the society. Multinational companies like Warid telecom arrange a art competition with theses children. In this regard  they are seeking your kind approval to arrange the competition for the following. Kindly  needs your approval. This Format can be used as Permission letter for advertise or permission letter for school use a venue.

School Permission Letter Sample for Competition

President Name…

Institution Name….

Sub:- Permission Letter For Art Competition

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Clean and bright streets are an indicator of progressing societies. Roshani welfare trust has always been very keen in contributing to the society through every possible initiative. For the last 4 year, we have been organizing an anti wall chalking campaign by the name of street Art Competition. Moving further, now collaborating with Warid telecom, we are planning to organize a Graffiti contest to engage students of the city for promotion of Graffiti and Mural Art to beautify walls of the city. Your esteemed institute has been selected from among the best institutes of the city to be part of this initiative.
We are organizing Graffiti contest in 2 phases. In phase 1, we will select students from top institutions who will showcase their prowess in mural and graffiti art on canvas inside the institute. Shortlisted candidate will be given a chance to beautify the walls of the city in Phase 2
Winning teams from each city will win latest gadgets from warid telecom. The winning team on national level will be sent abroad on international training sponsored by war id telecom
Activity Flow.
In order to create awareness and promote participation, we would want to place graffiti marketing collateral and information counter (managed by volunteers) within your premises. Lead time of 2 weeks will he give to students for registration and preparation for the event.
On activity day, students will be provided all the required items, materials and tools for the paintings on various themes on canvases by us. Upon completion of phase 1, students’ art pieces will be displayed in the institute for their motivation. Our officials will be conducting the whole activity on the contest day.
Media Coverage.
Both phases will be covered on all major electronic, digital and print channels as an initiative to promote art in Pakistan and beautification of city walls.
In this regard we are seeking your kind approval to arrange the events for the following. Kindly place tick marks ranting the approval.
Best Regards,
Manager Event Organizer.

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  1. How to write letter to Additional Deputy Commissioner.
    Sub: Permission to organised cricket tournament at Village.

    1. The Concerned Person,
      It is stated that I’m (Name) writing on behalf of (—). This is to inform you that fr the very first time we have decided to organize Cricket Tournament at Village in the main ground. This idea is innovative and bring out the real talent out of people. Moreover, it would be a sort of entertainment for people as they’ve got no other social activities. I hope that you’ll consider the application and will allow us for organizing such event. The details are attached with the letter. Hope to have a positive gesture from your side.
      Thanking you in anticipation.

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