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CoronaVirus Vaccine Trials

Coronavirus Vaccine Trials

Development of COVID-19 vaccine would be a turning point in this global pandemic situation. Scientists all around the world are working day and night to make vaccine and to find a treatment for this deadly disease. Countries such as China, USA, Japan, UK and Germany are working on multiple projects and some are already in the clinical trial
Ongoing Trials:

Different companies and educational institutes have created the vaccine and are carrying out clinical trials. Some USA based organizations include:

1– Novavax in pre-clinical phase

2- Inovio pharmaceuticals in phase 1

3- Moderna, which is currently in phase 2 trial

Chinese companies CanSino Biologics and Sinovac are both in phase 1 of the clinical trials. The Chinese company Sinopharm is in phase 2 of trials in china and has also offered to carry out trials in Pakistan. Similarly, University of Oxford, UK is very confident about the results of vaccine trials and is in phase 2/3.

Multiple Phases of Clinical Trials:

The first phase concentrates on testing on a small number of people to observe side effects. In the second phase the vaccine is given to hundreds of people. Third phase involves effectivity testing of vaccine on thousands of people. At this point if the vaccine shows no side effects and the regulatory agencies approve, it is ready to be introduced in market. But sometimes a phase 4 is also necessary to check long-term effects.

Expected Launch of COVID-19 Vaccine in Market:

As various companies worldwide are carrying out human trials on COVID-19 vaccine it is expected that a vaccine would be launched in 12-18 months. If clinical trials, that are being carried out at the moment, prove that a vaccine is effective and does not impose serious side effects only then it would be made available by mid or late 2021.

Paid Sick Leave Application for Corona Virus

Emergency paid sick leave. Full-time employees of employers with less than 500 employees that are unable to work due to COVID-19 are eligible for 80 hours of emergency paid sick leave. Part-time employees are eligible to receive the equivalent of the number of hours they would work, on average, during a two-week period.

Paid Sick Leave Application for Corona Virus

Dear Sir,

I am Mr. George Steel and I work in your company as an executive manager. I am writing this application to request you for something. As you are well familiar with the world’s condition that how the deadly corona virus is making sick everyone. This transmitted disease is very pathogenic and making hard for us to live a normal life ass we used to do. As there is lock down in whole country, it is my request to you that please don’t cut salary. As this calamity is upon us, it is my request to please give me salary for leaves as this leave is not what I am doing intentionally. Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Truly,


Paid Sick Leave Application for Corona Virus Lock Down


The CEO,

Respected Sir,

I am writing this application because I have been told that there will be no salary given this month. I want you to know that this is very unfair to all the employees of your company. Some of us don’t belong
to well-off family and have to feed our children in every way. It is my request to you that if there is any work that I can do from home. I am ready to do it but please don’t cut my salary off of whole month. It will be mere injustice. Kindly, make these leaves paid. Thank you.

Sick Leave for Corona Virus Disease or Symptoms

Respected Sir,

With due reverence and respect, it is stated that due to current situation every single person on earth is in state of panic. I want you to make our leaves of this month paid. Please don’t release the agreement on not giving us salary this month. We are doing little work from home but as you know the nature of our work, it cannot be done from home that much so its my request to pay us full salary this month. It will be a huge favor for all of us. Together we can face any calamity. Looking for your positive feed back.

Yours Sincere,

Robert Goerge

What is Corona virus and What are the Precautions

What is Corona Virus and What are the Precautions

1– It is a novel corona Virus disease that is said to come from animals such as bats.
2– It is called as 2019-nCoV. It was reported to World Health Organization on 31 st December 2019.
3– It reproduces inside living cells and hijack their machinery. They turn the cell into virus by binding to it. The virus progeny affects other cells and cycles starts anew.
4– Scientists have linked the diseases to a family of viruses known as corona viruses, which include the deadly SARS and Middle East respiratory syndrome.
5– Corona virus is thermonuclear pandemic level bad.
6– This outbreak started in Wuhan, one of the central Chinese cities. It is believed that source of illness is seafood market in Wuhan, which sells wild animals in market.
7– China has shut down Wuhan to reduce the spread of virus. Cancelled all the transportation leaving the city.
8– Cases are now found in many of the countries because people from Wuhan travel to other countries and spread the virus. It is now found in japan, Thailand, Germany, Finland, France, Italy, Sweden, India and Pakistan.
9– Symptoms of this disease are mundane as dry cough, fever, runny nose and breathing problems which further leads to viral pneumonia as a last stage.
10– In severe cases, people can have organ failure.
11– It is not identified early as people don’t tend to go to hospital in early stage as the intensity increases and it develops more severe, it causes death of people.
12– People with weak immune system are vulnerable to disease because they are unable to fight off the virus.
13– Recovery mostly depend on the strength of the person immune system.
14-There are two types of transmission of corona virus: animal to people transmission and
people to people transmission.
15– Antibiotics don’t work on this disease as it is a virus not a bacterium.
16– Specific treatments for this disease are not yet identified as it is a brand-new virus.
17– Clinical trials of drugs are going on to treat Corona virus.
18– People with respiratory problems are more in chance to have the corona virus.
19– 170 deaths from 7,700 reported cases means that mortality rate is about 2%.
20– Viruses that spread easily have mild impact on population.
21– Stay home, don’t go in crowded places, avoid contact with people even family members especially the one who have recently traveled.
22– Wear Face mask to protect yourself from contracting the virus.
23– Hand hygiene is very important. Wash your hands thrice with soap and alcohol rub.
24– Seek health care if mild symptoms appear.
25– Make sure not to come close to someone who has any kind of illness. 3 feet to 6 feet distance is to be maintained from the ill people.

26– It is advised to females to take iron tablets twice a week and men once a weak to improve their immune system, healthy immune system increases the chances to fight off the viral diseases.
27- Vick’s stick is very helpful. Put 1 tsp Vick’s in small bottle of warm water and shake to dissolve it. Try to inhale it every hour.
28– Take garlic in your diet. There are certain kind of oils that are helpful.