Sick Leave Application due to Corona Virus Disease

Sick leave application to employer to get leaves due to corona virus disease /infection. Multiple formats are here for your convenience. Necessary changes can be done.

Sick Leave Application due to Corona Virus Disease


The Director,

Alpha Group of Companies.

Dear Sir,

It is to bring in your kind attention that I am assistant manager at your organization. As you know, recently the pandemic of corona virus has revealed and government are taking mass measures to inhibit the spread of this disease. I have been having respiratory problems from past few days. First, I did not take this as a serious problem and considered it as a common cold and flu. My family members asked me to take a corona virus test, it may be the chance that I got it as I always have meetings with foreign clients and I got it tested and unfortunately my test came positive. Therefore, I need leaves until doctors cure this disease.

Yours Sincere,

Robert Sharma

Leave Application due to Corona Virus Sample

Respected Sir,

It is stated that I am suffering from the deadly and dangerous disease “corona virus”. Sadly, I thought I will never get this disease but I did not stop socializing which resulted me in this state. I was asymptomatic but suddenly it got worse. As my tests have been taken and they came “positive”. I have been admitted in “corona virus isolation ward”. My treatment is going to start soon. I am very sad about this news as there is no cure yet of corona virus. I hope that I get recovered from this disease and will be able to come to work. Until then, I need sick leaves from office.

Yours Sincerely,

Sample Leave Application due to Corona Virus

Dear Sir,

I am Ms. Shena and I work in IT department of the company. Recently, the corona virus has taken the world uptight. Nobody would have thought that it can get them but unfortunately, whoever is not taking precautionary measures are getting it. It is no joke; it is a serious matter. I am also the victim of corona virus disease; I have been tested positive of this disease. I am admitted in a hospital and my treatment is going on. Please pray that I recover soon from this disease. Please grant me leave until I get healthy again. Thank you.

Yours Truly,

Shena Robert

Senior Officer

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