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Grievance Letter to School Board on Admission

Sample Letter Format of Grievance to School Board on Admission. Educational sector has much to do with ups and downs in the natural flow of its stream. Getting admission in reputed colleges and schools is a matter of great difficulty due to its merit and fee structure. Sometimes parents do get annoyed on not getting their children admitted in the desired institute and can file grievance letter against them.

Grievance Letter to School Board on Admission

The Boards of School,
Crescent High School,
Charlotte, North Carolina.

Subject: Letter of Grievance to School Board on Admission

Respected Sir,

With due honour and respect, I am father of Ms. Nene Fernendance, who wanted to get herself admit in your gracious and precious school! I get to know about the quality of education which your teaching staff rendered to their subjects and was much impressed by it.

After listening the high words uttered by me, my daughter made her mind up to take admission in your school. The fee structure was outstanding for a person like me, who had meagre monthly income, but in spite of all the other issues, I had arranged the admission fee.

My daughter had taken the admission test, but unfortunately she had failed herself from only 2 marks!All my cry is for the two marks or a request to kindly give my daughter at least one last chance to prove her intelligence.
My daughter deserve the chance as she is star performer. For your kind review, I had attached all the academic documents of her with this application. I hope you will consider my request. Thanking in anticipation.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. David Fernendance.
25 July 2016

Grievance Letter to School Board on Admission
Grievance Letter to School Board on Admission