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Love SMS between Partners

The following is are love SMS between partners, showing how much their significant other truly means to them. Every partner can use this sample and modify it according to their need. Necessary changes can be done.

Sample Love SMS between Partners

  1. When I’m in your arms, I feel the safest and happiest. Every day, I choose you, and I’m grateful that you do as well. I had no idea what it meant to marry your closest friend until I met you. You are my first thought in the morning and my final one before I go to bed. You instil in me a love I never thought was possible. I’m looking forward to seeing you tonight.
  2. I adore you more than I adore pizza. And I’m a huge fan of pizza. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have you at my side at the moment, tomorrow, and forever. You make my heart beat, my thoughts race, and my lips create the most beautiful grin. I honestly don’t know where to begin when it comes to expressing how much I adore you.
  3. Love can never be quantified. It can only be sensed. You’ve painted my existence in the hues of bliss. I don’t need anything else as long as you love me! Every day, I grow more in love with you as I spend more time with you. You have a very kind and lovely heart, which I pledge to protect for the rest of my life. I adore you more than you can ever imagine.
  4. If there is one thing I would not alter about my life, it is the possibility of meeting you and falling in love with you. Your brilliant eyes, lovely smile, delectable lips, and complete being captivate me with sentiments I adore. You are the focal point of my fantasy because I adore you more than the sun, which brightens my day, and the moon, which keeps the night awake.
  5. You appeared amid the worst period of my life. I was depressed and shattered on the inside. And even when everything was a shambles, Your love shined brightest. Then I began to fantasise of a great future with you. I love you. I certainly do. You have this wonderful ability to make my heart sing.
  6. I want to be your favourite greeting and your most difficult goodbye. I felt disillusioned and despondent. But I continued to beg for a saviour to come into my life. God answered my request by sending you. I now owe you my life for all eternity. The only thing I can do flawlessly is love you fiercely!