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Sample Request Letter for Tender

Sample Request Letter for tender of supplying man-power to a company. Tenders play an important part in locating and searching for the need to certain requirements. Tender is an offer from someone of specific article to number of persons and can be handed over to the person with highest bid. This format can be used by all and sundry. Sample letter format of requesting a tender of supplying man-power to a company.

Sample Request Letter for Tender

The Principal,
Wild Wood High School System,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Requesting a tender of supplying man-power to a company

Respected Sir,

Greetings! Wishing you a wonderful day fill with bloom and fancies of health and wealth. Let me introduce myself to you, I am Mr. Smith Martin and I am here, with a purpose. I read in a local newspaper that you are intended to open up new building for franchise purpose and for that reason you are urgently in need of man-power who are reliable and fast worker as well.

I must congratulate yourself that right now you are meeting the person of your interest and need. My company is well-versed in supplying the man power and I am glad to inform you that we had achieved the milestones in almost 20 companies and well before time. We believe in hard work and punctuality, but we also demand timely payment in regard of our work and commitment.

Please, take no time in thinking and hire me for this fortunate work at your earliest. We will supply you more than fifty persons/labourers to you at time and you will witness yourself the quality of work and speed of ours. Kindly it is my humble request to sign this tender in my favour so I should supply you the required man power. Thank you for your time and attention.

Best Regards,

Mr. Smith Martin,
10 th May, 2018.

Request Letter of Man Power Tender by Company

Sample Request letter of  Man Power Labor Tender by company. Setting up a business- in theory or dream is easy to construct, but in reality it gives certain challenging tasks to meet and cope with as it requires a lot of finance, sponsorships in case, machinery, learned and skilled administrative staff, salary, location and its adaptability with Eco-friendly atmosphere. Man power is the utmost needed requirement of any organization as they are like the backbone of any company. Tenders are sent forth to meet this deficiency and this format is one such effort.

Sample Request Letter of Man Power Tender by Company

The Chief Executive,
Ankara Recruitment Center,
Texas, United States of America.

Subject: Requesting man power labor tender by the company

Respected Sir,

How are you? I hope you will be fine and enjoying your life no matter what the time you get. I am Mr. Jones Jonathan, currently Chief Executive Officer of Shared Learning Rehabilitation Company. We had heard a lot of good words and views about you and your company. I visited your website and was truly impressed by the rating reviews that your company got! In this age of dishonesty and fraud, persons like you are salt in the sea and hardest to find and I deem myself lucky to find you as I also believe in honesty, fairness and integrity combined with job responsibilities. Our company is new and we are looking forward to a team of brilliance so to say to run the company in the best possible ways and the name that occurred to me was yours! Please congratulate yourself from all of us for your sheer determination and hard work! We are needing 3000 man power strata and we expect that you will surely be able to meet up this huge tender and on time. Please feel free to contact us on our email that is SLRC18@outlook.com. We are looking for a positive reply. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Mr. Jones Jonathan,
6 th April, 2018.