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Invitation Letter to Chief Guest on Independence Day

Invitation Letter to Chief Guest on Independence Day. Independence Day is celebrated world widely because it’s the most important day for any nation. Many colleges arrange functions, competitions and performances to celebrate the day. This is a sample written format letter to invite the chief guest for Independence Day.

Invitation Letter to Chief Guest on Independence Day

Mr. James jack,
Patriotic Writer
PHD Scholar

Subject: Invitation letter to chief guest on Independence Day

Respected Sir,

With honor and great feelings of love, as, you know that independence day is near, you know it’s a day of celebrations and day to be remember with a lot of thanks to our ancestors. The day is “independence day of America”. I must say, where the name of America whispers’ your name automatically comes to our mind. You are most wanted patriotic writer of today. People love to read your writings and your most of work is added in syllabus of children, adults as a course.

Our institute of Dental Health is organizing a function at ———– to celebrate the Independence Day with our youth. Our chief members of committee has decided that “they would like to invite you as a chief guest” on the Independence Day. Your name would definitely give the motivation to our youth. The timing of the function would be 9.00 am to 4.00 pm. Our students have prepared some speeches, poetry and taboos for the day. You would have to be there at sharp 10am. On your arrival flag ceremony would be help at 10.30 am. After the flag hosting ceremony, you have to deliver a short motivational speech for our students. Our students would like to receive their gifts from you for their performances.
It would be honor for us if you join us on this prestigious day. Kindly inform us your confirmation of presence on that day. We would be waiting for your reply.

Yours Truly,

Mr. Marten
Vice Chancellor
The Institute of Dental Health New York

Short Invitation Letter for Chief Guest on Independence Day

Mr. Amjad Islam
Writer& Blogger

Subject: Invite Letter as Chief Guest

Respected Sir,

Queen College of Commerce is holding an Independence Day event. We will be honored to have your presence in our event as a chief guest. As being such a big motivational speaker, students will be delighted to see the young, talented face in front of them. As you know that independence day always bring the smell of blood and sacrifices. We want our students to be grateful to have this country and they should know about how much sacrifices their ancestors have made. We will start flag ceremony once you reach the college. Then we want you to give the motivational and as well as full of patriotism lecture or speech to the students. Students have prepared a lot of unique and self-written speeches and patriotic drama that they will perform on the stage. We want you to give certificates to the participation afterwards. Please inform us about your availability.

Yours Sincere,

Dr Ghazala
Vice Chancellor
Queen College