Employees Job Leaving Certificate Application

Employees Job Leaving Certificate Application Sample. This sample format letter can be used by multinational companies, education systems, Showrooms owners, hotels, cafes’, restaurants, embassies, and insurance policy offices. Sample application for issuance of job leaving certificate from employer, company or HR department to join a new job.

Employees Job Leaving Certificate Application Sample

To: Mr. Parkash Taara
H.No.90, Street No. 15
Gurdaspur, India,

Informer: The Manager
McDonald’s, Delhi

Database: Accounts Branch, McDonald’s

Subject: Job Clearance Certificate from McDonald, Delhi Branch

Mr. Parkash Tara who was working with McDonald’s from the past three (3) years as a Sales Developer in the department of Executive Sales is a loyal and bona fide employee. He worked with sincerity and was very punctual in his routine. He always took a great deal of care in case of the reputation of McDonalds.

He was of established and kind character. During his stay with us as an employee and as a colleague we never heard badly about his character. He bore an upright sound character: never seen involved in gossips, backbiting and other such character flaws. He is kind and generous and did not engage in ill-natured combats and fights so to say.

His all bills and the compulsory payment sections held and imposed on him by the Terms and Conditions attached with his appointment letter are clear. His mess bill is clear and all debts paid and consoled. The requirement for one month prior notice before leaving the position vacant in McDonalds is followed and fulfilled by him. His fuel consumption bills are also clear and after carefully cross checked the receipts he handed over to the Manager of Executive Sales, he was found clear of all bills.

His stay with us was an impressive and terrific to relish upon. We assure his good naturalness and sound character for the next company he would work for. Good Wishes

Chairperson, McDonald’s
August 25, 2015

Employees Job Leaving Certificate Application Sample
Employees Job Leaving Certificate Application Sample

Request for Job Leaving Certificate Issuance

The Chairman
Fabcot International Lahore

Respected Sir,

I have been working in your Esteem organization as coordinator customer Services for three years. As  my qualification is concerned I am MA/MED in English. Fortunately by the grace of Allah ALmighty I have been selected as a lecturer of English.
I have been appointed at Punjab University Lahore. So I am going to start my new job as a lecturer in the second week of september 2015.
Now I am resigning from my current job. I hope you will accept my resignation and grant me issue job leaving certificate for my convenience to present for next job as a proof of my resignation.
Yours Sincerely,
Rohat Sharma

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