Sample Request Letter for Government Grant 

Sample request letter for government grant. Business is a field where luck is god! All depends on the goodness or illness of luck. This field is huge and with careful consideration and thinking process, anyone can become a businessman, but expenses are a real target to hit a nut to crack. In this ground, government can help out the young talent by giving them grants for starting up a new small business. This format is for the spirited ones.

Sample Request Letter for Government Grant

The Manager,
Sky lark Water Foundation Department,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Requesting government grant for small business

Respected Sir,

Greetings! How are you? I hope you will be fine in your blessed life in the blissful way. I pray to God to guide you in your life in the best possible ways. I am Mr. Jacob Danny, recently came to my native land after spending 5 years on my education. I specialized in distillation and purification studies. I was happy to be home once again and enjoying the family life together with the amount of duties one have to shoulder and must be shouldered. My duty was to fill the water cans from the nearby filtration plant (I belong to a remote area) so I reached there yesterday and to my horror, the quality of water was not up to the level of drinking or cleaning. This was a sad moment for me and then and there I decided to apply my studies in practical life, but I am lacking in finances. So, kindly grant me loan of $20000 to start up a new business of water filtration on small level at this initial stage. I will pay the amount as soon as I lay my hands on income generated from this business. I hope you understand what I mean. Thank you in anticipation of your time and timely concern.

Best Regards,

Mr. Jacob Danny,
10th November, 2018.

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