Request Letter to Return Original Documents 

Request letter to return original documents after completion of probation. Original documents of the selected and inducted employees are kept by the higher authority as few individuals leave their job without putting any further prior notice to the concerned command. The documents kept by the competent authorizes are given back to the respective employee upon completion of their probation period. This format can help the concerned faculty.

Request Letter to Return Original Documents

The Principal,
Alpine Wood High School for Boys,
Manchester, United Kingdom.

Subject: Request to return original documents after completion of

Respected Sir,

Good day! I am Mr. Wiccan Roald, a newly inducted Music teacher and after going through difficult test, tough panel interview and demanding task of class demonstration, I was given the chance to have the permanent appointment letter from the Secretariat of this system. As per rule, on my selection, I need to prove myself as befitting being for the post applied and six months’ probation time period was set for this prove. My original documents were kept by the main head office and said they are keeping it as a security. I gave them my degrees of 16 years and in hope of getting them back automatically, but after waiting for two more weeks, I felt compelled to write a formal application in the name of higher authority to kindly give me my original documents back.

I will be brimmed with gratification if you see to this matter on personal level as I could be dead officially and had to face tag of illiterate if my documents could not be returned to me on time. I will not leave this job so I think there should not be any need of security regarding my job or availability. Thank you for your concern and time.

Yours Truly,

Mr. Wiccan Roald.
11 th July, 2018.

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