Apology letter by Student to Higher Authorities

Apology letter by Student to Higher AuthoritiesMisdemeanor is an act which is immortal, but if you behave improperly with adults; especially with teachers then it is an unacceptable transgression. This is a written sample of apology Letter by student to higher Authorities on misbehavior.

Apology letter by Student to Higher Authorities

The Principle,
The high school of Social Sciences

Subject: Apology letter by student to higher authorities

Dear Madam,

With extreme guilt and sorry, it is stated that I am very sorry by heart on my transgression. It was unethical act by me. I had realized it that I had to use my words with very care, when I was talking to my teacher. It was totally my mistake; I was caught with cheating stuff during the test, instead of making apology I used disgraced words for me respected and honorable teacher.
Actually, I just wanted to prove that, those cheating stuff is not mine; so I tried to do whatever I can do to defense myself. It was my utmost mistake. Many times situation is not in our control, exactly that day occur. I was just lost in my own thoughts of denial. I really had realized my mistake. Disrespecting a teacher is unforgivable conduct, once who engage in such improper act must be had to face the circumstances so that no one else can ever think about it.
I want to sincerely apologize from you for this mistake and I assure you that this type of misconduct would not happen again in future. I hope you would pardon for my defected deed this time. I am looking forward to hearing something positive from your side. I shall be very thankful to you if you consider my plea. If you want me to make physical apology in front of all other students, really I am ready to do it any time. Have a nice weekend!

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Smith

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