Request Letter to Bank to Waived off Study Loan

Request letter to bank to waive off study loan by student. Education is the most important aspect of once life, it includes the procedure of facilitating learning, or the acquiring knowledge, some skills, values and norms,belief system, habits. It polishes over all personality by composing the thought system and understanding of world. Acquiring education is not a easy task as you have to fulfill some specific criteria for it; like as; some grades, some specific qualification and no doubt utmost important is some financial amount.

Request Letter to Bank to Waived off Study Loan

The Branch Manager
National Bank of State
Manchester, USA

Subject: Request to bank to waived off study loan by student

Dear Sir,

It is stated that I have availed the educational loan, under the scheme, financial assistance provided to meritorious students who have financial constraints for pursuing their education in scientific field within the state in 2017. My all loan installments were paid by my father, I secured “A” grades in my both semester. Now I am in 3 rd semester with regret I would share with you that last month, I had lost my father in a accident. He was on clerk job. After his death we are facing more financial constraints then before.
I am intelligent and hard working student of my college. If I would complete my scientific education definitely there would be big career opportunities for me and I would be a responsible citizen of society who would bring some productivity in development of my country. I would like to request you to waive off my study loan. I am attaching my father’s death certificate, my all academic result certificates, and my teachers suggested letter for continue of my education with this letter. If you need any other information or you have any other query.Please feel free to contact me. If you accept my application of loan waive off I would be able to continue my education else in the case of rejection it would end up in termination of my education. I would be waiting for positive reply from your side.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Otters

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