Tender Acceptance letter

Tender Acceptance letter. Sample letter format of requesting to accept tender. Tender Letter of acceptance. Tenders are necessary for the survival of the companies and the businessmen linked with this profession as it provides the living to all the human beings and many persons do prefer part time job in carrying and dispensing the material to various organizations. This format can help them in finding the right words for the right task.

Tender Acceptance letter

The Manager,
Wild Wood Mobile Company,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Sample letter format of requesting to accept tender letter

Respected Sir,

I am the person whom you need time to time in getting the
products made available to you and you are the person who is necessary for me in developing and finding the required tenders to meet your expectations. We can be stakeholders of this tender of medicine at 50/50 per cent ratio. This ratio is very apt as me and use both are at equal whether to talk about time, money or the energy. You are also supposed to take the tender and then dispatching them to different places and levels and I am supposed to find the relative material after ample roaming in searching the material in demand. In fuel and time we are both at equal level and as far as the money is concerned we are also equal in it as buying and selling between you and me is on market rate, but where the difference will come is the dispatching the material from your hand to other organizations and here you will earn and we can share the profit ratio at half. Please accept my tender so we can both be successful in our lives.
Thank you for your time and attention.

Fond Regards,

Mr. Smith Martin,
6 th January, 2018.

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