Sample Referral Letter for Students

Sample Format of Referral Letter for Students. This letter can be used by professionals/Doctors/Nurses for their student/Patient to refer to certain organizations/hospitals/dispensaries in case of any emergency problems and sickness.Necessary changes can be done like student name address institution name etc.

Sample Referral Letter for Students

The Head of Cardiovascular Department,
Mayo, United Kingdom.

Subject: Referral Letter for Students

This letter is entitled against Mr. Jacob Andrew who is student of Final Year in the field of Cardio. The reason behind this issuance is that many a time the hospital staff is engaged in calamity stricken people rested in emergencies. Our all
the attention and energies are focused primarily on them.

Sometimes we are shifted to other wards to shed the work load of other departments as nurses and we are fighting then with multiple ailments in which the issue of heart stability is usually at stake. We get short of staff, medicines and
sometimes doctors.

In order to cope with the multi-dimensional issues we are pushed to arrange other staff members, medical apparatus, extra beds and call of help from other doctors in the name of humanity. For meeting such conditions we desperately need the assistance of our young would-be doctors to go in certain hospitals and bring back immediately which we needed the most.

All the necessary documentation and attestation evidence is attached with this referral letter for your convenience and to avoid any doubt. We have full trust on the person we are sending to your place on our behalf. We hope you will find
no worry and our journey of success will be continued in good terms. Thanking in anticipation for the healthy cooperation.

Head of Cardio Department,
Vital Hospital, United Kingdom.
March 9, 2016

Sample Referral Letter for Students
Sample Referral Letter for Students

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