Sample Marriage Congratulation Letter

Sample letter format of Congratulation on Marriage.This easy format of the letter is being used by relations like friends/colleagues etc who intended to say their words of love to their loved ones on their marriage ceremony.

Sample Marriage Congratulation Letter

Mr. Stephen James
Buffalo, United States of America.

Subject: Letter of Congratulation on Marriage

Dearest Sampson Jades,

I heard news of your betrothal to Ms. Jennifer and too conflicting feelings dawn upon me surprised and then felt immensely happy. I was surprised because I had heard a lot from you of not believing in marriage system and the things related to this sacred relation. Well any how I am finally happy.

I may not be present on your wedding day but I am by all means present in your wedding plan! Yes! I am inviting you in my villa and I had sent my men to work on the place as fit as possible to your wedding charisma. They will decorate the place as directed by me. I had arranged a flower decoration of cupids in the hall and yellow coloured flowers around the main entrance of the villa. I hope you will like my share of part in your welcomed day.

The reason I can’t be there on the auspicious day is my business meeting with foreign delegates. I hope the best of everything you desired in your life. Very warm feelings for you my dearest and never forget to miss me. Ok? See you soon after the day of wedding. Prayers and best wishes for you dear. Pay my best regards to your better half as well.

Yours loveliest,
Mr. Rankles Hob
February 28, 2016

Sample Marriage Congratulation Letter
Sample Marriage Congratulation Letter

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