Sample Excuse Letter for late Fee Submission

Sample excuse letter for late fee submission. Education policy tends to change from time to time and without any prior notice. This abrupt change escapes due date from the minds of the students several times or late fee can be paid after due date on the score of certain personal issues. This format is a help for such individuals.

Sample Excuse Letter for late Fee Submission

The Chancellor,
Dante Boccaccio University.
Bhagalpur, India.

Subject: Excuse letter for late fee submission

Respected sir,

It is humbly stated that I Ms. Deena Nath of 1 st year, geology wanted to take admission in the university as I had gone to our village due to a property dispute. I had previously been informed that the due date for fee submission was 10 th July, 2017. So, I had this in my mind that I would return before the due date was gone. However when I was in my village my university fellows informed
me that the due date has changed and now it is 8 th July, 2017.

According to me I was on time for the submission of the fee for department, but according to the revised new date, I stood late comer. I am ford of taking admission in this prestigious university and for that reason I am here to pay the late fee so that I may get admission in my desired department.
The late fee is worth amount of 80,000 that means 20,000 more than the actual fee as mentioned in the fee structure of university and mentioned in the prospectus. Telling you the reason behind my being late has a purpose. The purpose is to accept my excuse and let me enter in the entry test compulsory for the admission as policy of the university.
All the necessary documents will be provided as soon as I got my fee slip. Kindly see to my passion and let me get admission. Thanking in anticipation.
Yours Sincerely,
Ms. Deena Nath
2 nd August, 2017

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