Request letter for Installments of Admission Fee

Sample Request letter to school for installments of admission fee. Fee structures for higher education,costs heavy on parents’ pocket. Parents who wanted to shed the financial burden from their hearts are welcome to use this sample request letter to relaxation in admission dues.

Request letter for Installments of Admission Fee

The principal,
Adrenal Hypo medical college,
London, United Kingdom.

Subject: Request for Installments of Admission Fee

Respected Madam,

With due honour and gratitude I am here to file a case of installment of admission fee of my daughter MS. Eleanora Andrew. She has passed her exam with flying colours and now getting admission in this institution. It was her dream to learn in this college and like all the parents, I also wanted to give my daughter everything which is in my limit.

The fee structure is really high for a person like me who is humble in earning and personality as well, but I feverishly wanted to fulfill the dreams of my daughter at any cost. I just want a small favour from you that is not the fee concession. I only wanted to design the admission fee into installment fee structure and for me the $ 2000 per month is feasible.

I would be highly grateful for you if you consider my state of finances and emotions as well. I had attached all the necessary documentations for your kind review. It is my request to you to kindly review the whole scenario and then decide and I am sure when you will review, you will do favourable move in my case and towards my daughter. Thank you,

Yours Truly,
Mr. Iago Andrew.
21 June 2016

Request letter for Installments of Admission Fee
Request letter for Installments of Admission Fee

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