Request to Boss for Engaging Advertising Agency

Request to Boss for Engaging Advertising Agency. This letter of engagement states the intention to enter into a digital advertising services engagement, outdoor advertisement for different marketing campaigns. Letter of Engagement. Request Letter to make New Documentary

Request to Boss for Engaging Advertising Agency

Marketing Director,
Steel Engr Company

Subject: request for outdoor advertising company

Dear Madam,

It is stated that the marketing personnel who have been working on the marketing of the new product of the company have felt the need to hire a company for outdoor advertising. In our field survey we found some of our competitors to be employing the services of companies that hire vehicles and also conduct door to door marketing activities.

It is our suggestion that such a means be employed by us as well. Since the product we are promoting is of daily se and needs exposure, tapping the market that has not yet been explored is essential. If we take our activities farther and wider we will be able to gain more. It is for this purpose that the help of another marketing agency which provides services on a low cost basis is needed.

12 th August, 2015.

Request Letter to make New Documentary

Welfare school
Abbottabad, Pakistan

Subject: request letter to make new documentary

Dear Sir,

I hope that you are in the best of health and spirits and that you will be delighted to hear from us. We have decided in our last meeting with the donors that the documentary about the school is to be
made a fresh. The current documentary is almost five years old and the school has undergone new developments since.

The library has been constructed and certain new amenities have been added. The new documentary should cover all these improvements and portray the school as a progressive and adapting place that it is. For this endeavour to come to fruition we will need your kind support and encouragement. We will be grateful if you could extend your cooperation and help us as soon as possible since we wish the documentary to be complete by the end of this academic year.

Best Regards,
Mr. Jamshed Ali
3 rd October, 2017.

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