Complaint Letter to Hotel Management

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Complaint Letter to Hotel Manager

Lahore Hotel,
Lahore, Pakistan

Subject: Complaint letter for unsatisfactory accommodation

Dear Sir,

I stayed in your hotel last week. Even though my original booking was for a week I could not bear the place beyond one night. The hotel did not have any room service, which is an important hospitality factor especially if one arrives late at night and all the eating out places are closed. The sheets were dirty and the bathroom was not stocked with any toiletries.
I tried to lodge a complaint at the front desk but to no avail. I was sent back by the receptionist. Although I waited half an hour in the lobby nobody came to my assistance. I decided to shift to another hotel and that was a fuss as well. I was still made to pay for another night since the receptionist claimed I had not made it clear that I will be leaving in time.

Mr. Tahir Ali
13 th March, 2016.

Complaint Letter on Reservation of Table

Lahore Hotel
Lahore, Pakistan

Subject: complaint letter on reservation of table

Dear Sir,

It is with great disappointment that I write to you. I have been a patron of your restaurant since the day you opened your doors to the public. However, this Saturday I experienced the worst behaviour at your place. I had reserved a table a day ago and had confirmed my booking on the day as well.

I arrived at the place on time with a few work acquaintances and was refused a table. My reservation had not been held even though I was there on the dot. Other people were accommodated. I had to wait forty minutes for a place. The staff had completely ignored my pleas. I was humiliated in front of people whose time I had requested. More so, they were formal business colleagues and I was in a
tough situation

Mr. Saim Ali
3 rd October, 2016.

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