Permission Letter from Parents

Permission letter from parents. Parental permission letter. Sample permission letter from parents to teacher. School Trip Permission Letter. College trip permission letter from parents. Samples are here for your convenience.

Permission Letter from Parents



We hope you are well settled in your lives and doing very well in your work and home. I believe school is a place where one should learn and gear himself towards the right direction so that he can pursue career in the befitting manner. This approach is healthy and it can’t be attained with bookish knowledge merely so, the college had arranged a trip of ancient sites for the better learning and understanding of the students. It would be three days trip and all expenses will be borne by college administration. For security, we are taking five armed security guards with us and lodges had been already decided for their safe stay and they will be accompanied b their teachers. Please intimate us with your approval and disapproval by filling in below:
I, _______________ father/mother of __________________

Best Regards,

Mr. Arthur Scot,
23 rd October, 2017.

Sample  Permission Letter from Parents for School Trip


Good day!

It is said that Sight is the Queen of all five senses and 90 per cent of population learn through this valued sense of seeing. We want our
students be a better thinker and better sighted. Please be informed that school has arranged a trip to Army Museum in the school timings that is 7:30 am to 2:00 pm. Students will come in school uniform and please make sure they are in neat and clean clothes wearing school identity card and proper shoes and winter uniform otherwise they will not be allowed to sit in the class or even enter in the school. Gates will be closed after 7:45 am.

Please give extra lunch to your children so that they can share and learn the value of giving and sharing with others. Please show your compliance by filling the permission slip attached with this intimation.

GAJSSC, Texas.
23 rd October, 2017.

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