Leave Letter due to Trip with Friends

Sample leave letter due to trip with friends. This easy format is a help for those who are searching for appropriate words for suitable trip with friends and requires leave.

Leave Letter due to Trip with Friends

The Manager,
Green Sapphire Textile Company,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Request of leave due to trip with friends

Respected Sir,

Greetings Sir! As on the occasion of 25th anniversary of The AHYLUN Association, you have gifted us five days off work i.e. holidays. Sir I am really thankful of you for your kindness, considering us worthy. My friends and I have been cut off due to work and other obligations .we have finally decided to use these holidays as in terms for bonding and relaxation thus we have brought tour package of Ireland, couple of kilometers away.
We will be exploring various places and visiting famous landmarks added to this the package it will also include stay at hotels, free food etc. In short all our requirements will be considered, the place we will be staying includes several luxuries .The package has been costly, but there is no charge for happiness.
Sir my friends and I are really looking forward to this tour as it will revive our friendship, make us closer and will be a source of enjoyment.
Sir the package shortly is a ten days trip. I request you to extend my holidays by granting me a leave of a week, my friends and I are really depending on this trip as a source of relaxation, this may be my only chance before the winter project is launched .we have already bought this costly package. Sir I hope you understand my situation. I will join work as soon as possible. Thank you for your time and attention.

Best Regards,

Mr. Andrew Martin,
25th August, 2018.

Letter to Boss Asking for Leave for a Trip with Friends

To: Mr. Aakash Mishra.

MCB Bank India.

Subject: Leave Application for a Trip with Friends

Respected Sir,

I hope that you have been enjoying good health. I am writing you this email to ask you to approve a leave for 4 days. I have been suffering from anxiety and depression due to personal reasons. My friends knowing this have arranged this trip for me. We will be going to Goa for 4 days to chill for a few days. They have made my reservations and flight tickets. I also want some days off from work for the sake of my mental health and to take some things off my head. I would appreciate it if you approve this leave for 4 days from 16th October 2022 to 20th October 2022. I am doing all the important tasks in advance so that the team would be able to manage in my absence. I have asked my assistant manager to supervise the meetings in my place for these days. Thanks.

Rahul Vaid.

Manager Human Resource.

Email To Boss Asking for a Leave For Trip with Friends


To: Mrs. Aditi Khanna,

ABC News,

Subject: Leave Application For A Trip With Friends.

Respected Sir,

I am writing you this to ask your approval for a week’s leave to visit the northern areas. I have been planning this trip for a few years with friends but it could not happen as we all adults are all busy in our own lives. 2 of my close friends are here in India after many years and we want to visit North to spend some time together before they leave. I have planned all my important meetings and have asked Miss Shruti to take up my responsibilities for this week from 10th August 2022 to 17th August 2022. Kindly approve my leave I will report back on 18th August. Thanks

Aditya Kayshap.


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