Leave Letter due to Chest Infection and Temperature

Sample leave letter due to chest infection and temperature. This format is a good choice for those who wish to avail leave due to chest infection and temperature.

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Leave Letter due to Chest Infection and Temperature

The Principal,
Green Twrch School for boys,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Request of leave due to chest infection and temperature

Respected Sir,

Greetings Sir! Your file has been delivered to the KRL headquarters as you ordered, Sir the team is working progressively and is achieving the desired results, the next meeting has been scheduled on Tuesday , 27 th August 2018, as in compliance with your order. Unfortunately sir, I cannot attend the mentioned meeting.

I am suffering from chest infection and upon that inflammation too, my Doctor says that if the infection has not be treated in due time then it may worsen and ultimately a risk to life. I have been prescribed some medications and I have been recommended certain tests. In the meantime the doctors have been concluded anonymously that the infection may be caused from unhealthy diet, but the reason may vary. With due time I have been strictly ordered; bed rest. But for the sake of the initial growth of the project and the team, I decided not to tell anyone. But now even I feel it is worse. Sir the doctors will run several tests one of these tests will be taken on the date of the next meeting i.e. Tuesday, 27 th August 2018.
Sir, I request you to grant me a leave on grounds of medical attention and health for a minimum of two weeks. Sir please understand my situation. I will make sure to re-distribute the work so that the team may not hinder in my absence. I will join as soon as possible. Thank you for your time and attention.

Best Regards,

Mr. Semi Mart,
25 th August, 2018.

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