Congratulation Letter for New Home

Sample Congratulation Letter Format of New Home Construction.This letter can be used by people who wanted to wish their dear ones on the construction of new house.

Sample Congratulation Letter for New Home

Mr. George Ferry,
London, United Kingdom.

Subject: Letter of Congratulation for New House

Respected and Loveable Teacher,

I pray for your good health by all means even though I know you are perfectly well and at ease at this time of your life. The price of home and especially own house cannot be better understood by you and me as we shared the painful past together. Well, I should leave this sad episode as it was passed and its shades are no more with us now.

Sir, I am happy to know that in this period of cost you had decided to make your own house and saved money as well. I am here to invest my all learning of architect for you. I wanted to share my certain points with you regarding the construction of sanitary set up:

? Keep the water system separate for bathrooms, laundry and kitchen.
? Keep the area of washing at the back side of house and keep the drainage hole right under the water system to avoid running water.
? The fitting pipes should be broad enough to pass the waste in both kitchen and toilets.
? Keep the structure simple and properly ventilated.

I hope you will not mind my intrusion in your mental map as all I wanted is the goodness and fairness for you. Do remember me in times of needs and I will be there at your first call and it’s not just the formality.

Yours Sincerely,
John Sawey
March 4, 2016

Sample Congratulation Letter for New Home
Sample Congratulation Letter for New Home

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