Complaint Letter Format to Landlord

Sample Complaint Letter Format of noise to Landlord. Noise pollution is the most widely spread and discussed issue of nowadays. The pollution causes hearing impairment in the adults as well in the babies which is ominously elevating with the passage of time. It creates disturbance and especially the noise of factories.This format can be used by people who wanted to wage a complaint against noise to landlords.

Sample Complaint Letter Format to Landlord

The Chairperson,
Angelic Rice Factory,
Buffalo, England.

Subject: Complaint Letter of noise to Landlord

Reverent Signor,

It depresses me to write this piece of writing to you but I found the courage of writing this after trying to compromise to my utmost strength. Let me introduce myself that my name is George John and I live in the vicinity of your rice factory.

My home is very nigh to your factory area and is a blessing and a torture at the same time! Blessing in the sense that I can get the rice at cheap rates and torture in the case of noise that the mighty threshing machines creates in the process.

Sir, I am an old man and cannot tolerate the frequency of noise emitting from the said factory. I am not a wealthy person as well so that I can shift myself to some other place but you are a good man and resourceful as well. I want you to kindly do something with this immense and annoying noise and I am very much sure that you will find the solution to this problem very soon. Do not mind my words please but do take some measures to control it. Thank you.

Yours Truly,
Mr. George John
February 22, 2016

Complaint Letter Format to Landlord
Complaint Letter Format to Landlord

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