Bonus Cancellation Letter to Employees due to Crises

This letter is by Company to all of the employees telling about cancellation of yearly bonus due to Covid’19 situation. Company is sticking with employees and supporting them in these hard times and expect the same from employees.

Bonus Cancellation Letter to Employees due to Crises

Dear Employee,

I hope this letter finds you all in good health. As you know very well that Mega Fox Company has always invested more in its employees and we respect our employees as a big asset to our company than customers or clients. In this difficult time, when Covid’19 has hit many businesses and disrupts the economy in worst ways, our business is also affected by it. This virus is not just a human tragedy but also has a growing impact on global economy. Covid’19 has changed the way businesses used to work in just a moment and devastated many businesses. We have not met our goals of this year due to pandemic situation.
This has left us with big decision about our business growth and as condition is not sound for us at the moment. Therefore, we have thought not to use the route of other companies to lay-off employees from their jobs but cut the cost from elsewhere. Many big companies have lay-off their employees in this hard time but we at Megafox does not consider it professional in any way. We have decided to cut the yearly bonuses. Therefore, we won’t be able to manage your bonuses this year. I hope that you all take it as a positive concern and be more responsible for your position in these hard times. We are sure that your massive support and hard work will be the pillar of strength for the business. With this continued support, we will be able to give yearly bonus next year hopefully. With great team, great businesses run. We believe in our employees and value their dedication and time with us. Please e-mail me for any further query regarding this e-mail.

Warm Regards,



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