Leave Application to Visit Native Place

Sample leave application to visit native place for teachers, students and employees to meet parents, family members like, uncles, aunts, siblings, cousins and friends. You can  mention here any reason to go towards your native place. Format is given below for your convenience.

Leave Application to Visit Native Place

The Branch Manager,
Standard Chartered Bank.

Subject: Leave Application to Visit Native Place

Respected Sir,

It is stated that I am Sadia Ahmed ‘Customer Service Officer’ in Standard Chartered Bank Lahore Branch. As you know, I belong to Karachi and I am recently shifted to Lahore for my studies and job purpose. So, on account of meeting my parents, owing to the reason of they are going to perform hajj I want to go to Karachi.

My presence is very necessary there, at this auspicious event. My senior colleague will perform all of my tasks during my absence. I request you to please sanction me leave for one week from 6th May to 12th May. I shall be highly obliged for this kind gesture.

Thanking you ahead of time.

Sadia Ahmed

Leave Application Format for Go to Native Place
Leave Application Format for Go to Native Place


This application can be written by those teachers/ lecturers who have been giving lectures at a particular university or college and they want to take leave from college for any specific reason.

Leave Application to Go Out of Town

The Principal,
KIPS College.

Subject: Leave Application to Go Out of Town

Dear Sir,

I am in a grief right now and I feel sad to inform you that my grandparent has died and I have to go for his funeral tomorrow. I have been a regular and punctual lecturer throughout my service period and I have not taken leaves before. So, I request you to grant me leave for two days so that I can go for his funeral and come back after a day as I have to go out of town. I hope you understand my situation and will grant me leaves. I will be highly grateful to you for this kindness and gratitude.

Thanking you I remain.

Yours Faithfully,
Faiza Khan

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