Leave Application for Yesterday

Sample Leave Application for Yesterday or Yesterday’s absence for Employees. If any working officer or staff member was on leave from work and in he/she has to submit the leave of his/her absence, this format can be used just in case. Format is provided below.

Sample Leave Application for Yesterday

The General Manager,
Holidays Inn.

Subject: Leave Application for Yesterday


With uttermost esteem and regard it is stated that I was on leave yesterday on grounds of my daughter’s illness. She had an unforeseen accident during her way to school and I need to take her to hospital. Now, she is better than before. Owing to this reason I was in hurry and could not inform earlier. I request you to consider yesterday’s leave. I shall be highly beholden for this.

Thanking You.


James Blue
Assistant Finance Manager.

Leave Application for Yesterday

The Manager,
Falcon’s Association.

Subject: Leave Application for Absence

Respected Sir,

It is stated that I am John writing to inform about my yesterday’s leave. In fact, my brother was coming after a long time from USA. I had to reach airport to pick my brother but unfortunately flight was late and I could not reach back to home in time. Due to this urgent matter I was on leave yesterday but I informed to HR Department regarding this matter on phone. I hope that you will accept my leave on account of my family matter.

I shall be very obliged for this favour of yours.

Yours Sincerely,

John Saroon.
Marketing Officer.

Leave Application for Yesterday
Leave Application for Yesterday

Application for Yesterday’s Leave

The Principal,
ABC Institution.

Subject: Application for Yesterday’s Leave

Respected Sir,

Please be informed with due respect that I was not able to attend the proctor’s meeting as I was absent yesterday. I was having cramps in my legs because of basketball match a day before and I  unintentionally didn’t wake up in the morning. I am really embarrassed. Please grant that day off on account of my leave. I shall be really obliged.

Yours Obediently,

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