Half Day Leave Email

Sample Half Day Leave Email. If any person either employee or teacher or any staff member wants to get a half leave from his/her manager/Principal, boss or employer and in spite of writing application which is a formal way email can also be forwarded considering it a latest mean. Easy and simple format is provided below.

Sample Half Day Leave Email

Dear Mr. James Collin,
Manager Human Resource.


This is to inform you that I can only be available at office till 12 am and I am in need of half day leave for today. The reason is, I have to attend the annual parent teacher meeting of my son at his school as her mother cannot go there due to her health issue. This is a bit urgent thing as I did not received his send up exams result as well and I have got a personal call from his tutor. I hope you will understand the circumstances and grant me half day leave for today. I shall be obliged.

Sincerely Yours,

Kim Steve
Assistant Manager HR.

Easy Format of Half Day Leave Email

Mr. Patrick Dave
General Manager,

Respected Sir,

I am writing to request for a sanction of half day leave for today. I have got an urgent work at home as I have to take my mother to the doctor for her general health checkup. I have got the appointment for today at 1 pm, after waiting since last month. I anticipate your positive response and I shall be thankful if I can get the leave after lunch break.

Thanking you ahead of time.

Yours Truly,

Ema Watson
Manager Marketing.

Easy Format of Half Day Leave Email
Easy Format of Half Day Leave Email

Easy Format of Half day leave Email

Dear Sir,

I am writing this e-mail from the office on quick notice. I have just been informed that my mother had a very severe accident and she is admitted in the hospital. It is also estimated that she might have to go through some major surgeries. I have to be there for her at this time and take things into my hands as you know hospitals always require kin to be around. It is to inform you please grant me half
day leave as early as possible. I would be really grateful to you for understanding my circumstances and permit me leave.

Yours Truly,


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