Invitation Letter for Christmas party

Sample Merry Christmas party invitation letter. Christmas is a day of celebrations for the Christians and they celebrated this day with all pomp and show befitting to it. This sample christmas invitation letter can be a help for writing an invitation for the desirous persons.

Sample Invitation Letter for Christmas party

The Lord’s Family,
West Avenue, Oak Lane,
California, United States of America.

Subject:  invitation for Christmas party

Dear Sir and Family,

Christmas is arriving soon! I am excited about it. It is customary with me that I always call upon my dear and near ones to come and enjoy the feast at my place. In my opinion, we must keep our traditions intact and preserve the family customs as well as pass them on to our younger generations and heirs. My grandfather always called friends and family on this special occasion and created typhoon of love and laughter under the roof! Like always, I had called all the contacts at home on 25 th December and most of them are our mutual friends. I even called face book contacts as well this time.

I am offering a wide range of continental and traditional food together with other cuisines. Make sure no body from your family should rest at home for any purpose! It is the only day when we all get time to rejoice and relieve ourselves from the hectic routine of life, so you all have to come and make my home even livelier with your presence.

If you want to call anyone at your list then you are more than welcome, but don’t forget to intimate me as I have to do arrangement for them as well to make the party hassle free. Looking forward to you and your family.

Best Regards,

Mr. John Andrew,
15th December, 2017.

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