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Job Acceptance Letter Sample from Employer

Sample job acceptance letter from employer.You can use this letter according to your requirement.Easy format of job acceptance letter,you can write joining date and necessary job related discussion.

Sample Job Acceptance Letter for Financial Analyst

Company Name ______________

Address _______________

Mr.      ___________ ,                                                            Date: __________

Address  ________________


Dear Sir/ Madam.

I am very pleased to accept your offer of a position as a Financial Analyst at the monthly salary of Rs. 40000/- . I have been very impressed with everyone whom I have met during my interviews and I look forward to joining your staff.

As we discussed, I will report for work on month ___________. Before that date, I will have a physical examination and submit the report to you. During the next month, I will complete my move to Lahore City and I hope to have some time to join my family for a vacation on the cape. If you need to contact me before month____________, my parents will know how to reach me. Their telephone number is____________________.

Thank you for everything that you did to make the interviewing process such a pleasant experience . I am excited to have the opportunity to become a part of_______________.

Yours Sincerely,

Sample Job Acceptance Letter for Financial Analyst
Sample Job Acceptance Letter for Financial Analyst