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How to Have a Successful Interview for a Job

A successful interview requires some tactics and a bit smartness. In spite of all these some people don’t get selected because they lack some ethics of giving an interview. Some tips are here, which can help you guys to leave your first impression everlasting. Everyone  can be used these successful interview tips for getting job.

How to Have a  A Successful Job Interview Tips

  • High light your qualifications using non-technical language – the HR professional is not necessarily an expert in your field.
  • Answer questions clearly  – personality is not as important at this stage of the process.
  • About salary expectations, use a range.
  • If conducted by phone, have your resume beside you to refer to for dates and names.
  • In telephonic interview keep a pen and paper handy to keep notes or write down any questions that come up.
  • Speak slowly, enunciate clearly, and vary your voice tone, tempo, and pitch to keep the interviewers attention.
  • Provide short answers that make interchange easier on the phone; do not interrupt the interviewer.
  • Restate the question if you have not fully heard or understood it.
  • Smile – even on the phone it will project a positive image.
  • Make eye contact.


While going for interview, always do remember you need the job, employer doesn’t. Don’t be in attitude or rage. Be formal and impart a positive image. Give a warm introduction with a firm handshake. Prove yourself to be an impressive candidate because you are not only the one person for getting the job!
Be active, don’t show yourself as lazy or like you aren’t paying attention, as you don’t wanna get the job. Be humble and kind. Answer effectively. Go in a proper dress up.The important thing is besides of all these things don’t lose your confidence, as you also do have own dignity and self respect, but ethics for others should be your preference.

How to Have a Successful Interview for a Job
How to Have a Successful Interview for a Job


What you should do, while you go for an interview:

wGet to the interview a little early. Never be late
wKnow the interviewer’s full name. Introduce yourself and give a firm handshake.
wAsk questions, This shows the employer that you are
wMake sure you have good eye contact, posture, alertness, and
body positioning.
wA positive attitude is essential. Try to be friendly.
wListen and be ready to answer the questions.
wIf an employer asks about shortcoming, state how you can
turn them around.
wLearn how to relax during the interview.

What you should not do, while you go for an interview:


wAvoid simple yes or no answers. Make you answers meaningful.


wDon’t lie. Be honest when you answer your questions.


wDon’t keep stressing you need for a job.
wDon’t discuss past experiences that have no application to the job.
wDon’t display overconfidence.
wDon’t ask questions early in the interview about hours or pay.
wDon’t be a know-it-all or a person that can’t take instructions.
wDon’t be untidy in appearance.