Request Letter to issue Baptismal Certificate

Sample request letter to issue Baptismal Certificate. Becoming part of Christianity is a blessing for the Christians whether accepting the religion after convert or it’s a usual ritual of baptizing the newly born. In both the case, so to say, getting baptismal certificate is as important as having birth certificate. Claiming for such documents is prerequisite and must be taken in possession of To Whom It May Concern.

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Request Letter to issue Baptismal Certificate

The Issuing Authority,
Baptismal Certification Department,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Request letter to issue Baptismal Certificate

Respected Sir,

With due reverence teemed with glee of humility it is to state that I am a convert from my religion into this blessed and sacred religion of Christianity. I am Mr. Lewis Park renamed from Tom Canny. I baptized by Saint John Anthony in the nearby hall of this vicinity. Taking the yellow bath I was purged from my utmost sins and process of my spiritual cleansing took placed.

My birth place is California. The name of my mother is Ms. Stena Canny. The name of my father is Mr. Canny Leo. They both still are not convert. I pray for their early enlightenment as soon as possible so that I can be much happier than now with them as a family. I request you to kindly issue me the baptismal certificate as soon as you can issue. I am much excited to see what I cultivated with my own hands.

All the necessary documents and the charging fee is deposited for prompt and speedy action. I am supposed to put my certificate of baptismal to my new office five days before, but due to an unforeseen reason I am still unable to get the required and the most cherished certificate. You can contact me via my email in order to inform me when to carry the certificate.Thanking in eagerness.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Lewis Park,
14 th July, 2017.

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