How to start a morning walk?

How to Start a Morning Walk

 Man is a social animal, as psychology stated it, so they like to meet other people coming into their lives. Meeting others grabs attention leading to parties, lunches, dinners, and other food-related ideas. Now, this social animal is keeping a track of life running around his or her job, business, home mastery, and then parties and picnics. This routine is not healthy as the bio-social animal is becoming fat to obese!

   The obesity causes many health stricken diseases like arthritis, hypertension, cardio disease and other underlining ailments. Once disease is into you, then it takes away every facility and luxury from you! The very first thing that you lose is your health, once its lost, you truly lose everything else!

   Sounds scary? Yes, it is scary! But do not worry for where there is a disease there is a treatment, no matter how hard it is!

   Excersize is good but the moment you leave it, you are fat again! The best solution to make you healthy is a walk! 40 mints a day per 3 days a week is enough but if you are on regular basis then 30 mints walk will suffice the matter!

   The problem is how to start morning walk? For that always remember, nothing is precious more than your health as health is linked with wealth! ? think this motivation is enough to put anyone on the track….the track of morning walk! Before starting a walk be mindful of certain things:

   Put on your joggers that are comfortable, airy and light weight, always tuck in cotton thread socks as they are highly absorbing!

   Take water bottle with you but never put too cold or hot water in it. The water should be of room temperature or compatible to your body temperature.

   Whenever you feel tired, switch on to brisk walk, it will dissolve your fatigue!

   Take deep breaths so that maximum fresh air goes into your lungs.    Waking up early leaves you fresh and walking in the morning on empty stomach leaves you healthy and health is key to success! Happy reading!

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