Balancing home and homework

Balancing Home and Homework

The famous triangle theory related to education shows close proximity between parents-students-teachers. The two ending forces teachers and parents revolve around the middle focus that is a student. Now the crux is the pivotal person is the one who needs to keep a balance between school life and home life.

 Nobody ever thinks about the difficult situation of a child as student. He is pushed around by the school to give the best to the academic concerns, the homes pushes him or her to do study, but involve in house chores, but the question is that he is able to function properly in such opposite forces who are exerting pressure on child’s brain from outside.

Recent researches show that emotional wellbeing of students’ mental health is much more important than his I.Q level. Students must keep a good balance between their school/college/university and their homes. The best way to keep this balance is to divide their time judiciously. After attending any educational institution, students are left with 5 hours in total excluding their sleep time, travel time and nap time. In those time slots, he or she has to carry on the burden of home and school. At times, students do not spare enough time to even make themselves feel to sleep properly.

If any student is caught in this situation then it is suggested to please talk to their teachers if the home work is lengthy, in case the house chores are burdening him, then put your concerns to your parents/guardians and come up to a good decision.

In normal routine that is having 5 hours spare, divide the time in equal halves. Give two and a half hours to your studies and consume the remaining hours in doing house chores. Incase this balance is not appropriate, then take 3 hours for study matters and remaining two for household chores. You can spare time from this timeslot for recreation purpose also, as school and home routine is not always hectic. The key to success is a balanced division of time for balancing the different circles of life. Disciplined life is a road map for a happy and contended life.

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