Impact of online education on student

Impact of Online Education on Student

The pandemic of coronavirus uprooted from 2019 so in that reference the name of this pandemic goes hit as Covid-19. The situation is truly depressing and tragic for thousands of thousands of people around the world. The virus’s main stroke is the social distancing which leads to the shutting down of working organizations ranging from construction companies to educational institutions.

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 Coming towards on closing of educational institutions, teachers and students suffered a lot! The situation is new for everybody, but shifting from face to face teaching to offline teaching was truly a challenge. Students and teachers weren’t adapted with this kind of teaching and learning. Watching something or spending hours on social media platform is different as it counts in passive mode, you can lift off your eyes off the screen, or do some other task. Teaching and learning is an active activity that involves and demands the presence of all five senses. Teachers took training on how to handle technical issues which could be possible to meet in online session, bought good quality of hand free, earpods , bought whiteboards, after equipping themselves with all the needful, they taught the students on how to download the apps, how to use it, how to fix pods, how to click and what not!

After spending months on online teaching, students do get used to the new normal learning, but it disturbed their mind peace, their discipline got ruptured, physical activity minimized to almost zero level. All the time they were bound to their cells, half of the day was spent in taking online classes, and the other half is spent in uploading the work on designated sites.

The impact of online classes became clear to the teachers once they came back to school after lockdown lifted for two months. The students were lethargic, not in a mood to speak, sleepy all the time, not ready to accept the change that made the task of teachers even harder as the high ups demand normal behavior of students in an abnormal situation which is impossible. Elders must learn to unlearn the illogical expectations!

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