Appointment Letter For Librarian

Sample appointment letter for librarian, It can be used for appointment letter for assistant librarian, librarian helper, junior librarian, senior librarian. This format used  as template appointment letter.

Appointment Letter Format  for Librarian

Company Name________

Subject:  Appointment Letter For the Post of Assistant Librarian

We are Pleased to offer you contractual employment as ‘Assistant Librarian’ for 3 years with the Kind Edward Medical University at following term & conditions.

Job Title, Designation & Responsibilities

1- You will under direct supervision of Librarian and will be responsible for the duties as specified and communicated to you by the Librarian.

2- Your employment will start with effect from the date of joining.

3- You shall  be bound by the (KEMU) rules and regulations of service as amended from time to time.

4- You shall perform, observe and conform to such duties and instructions as amended from time to time, assigned or communicated to you by KEMU.

5- You shall not accept any employment outside the KEMU as long as you are employed with KEMU.

6- You shall not divulge to any person any information pertaining to KEMU.

Salary & Benefits

In consideration of you fulfilling your responsibilities as per terms of the  appointment letter, you shall be entitled to following.

1- Salary of Rs 20,000 per month( inclusive of all allowances)

KEMU shall provide health coverage to you and your family as per rules.The terms of salary are to be kept confidential and should not be divulged under any circumstances.

Employment Terms:

The terms of employment will commence from the date of joining and shall be valid for a period of two years. On expiry of the above mentioned period this contract shall automatically stand revoked. Your probation period will be for six months from the date of joining.

Working Hours, Holidays and Absence:

College timings are 8000 hrs to 1600 hrs five days a week i.e. from Monday to Friday.

Your leave entitlement will be as per the policy. Present entitlement is as follows:-

1- Causal Leave     12 days in a calender year

2- Sick Leave            12 days in a calender year

3- Earned Leave      24 days in a calender year

Dismissal/ Termination:

After the completion of the probation period,either party may terminate the employment without cause by giving a thirty(30) days notice in writing or payment of one month gross salary. However during the probation period 24 hours notice is required by either party to terminate the contract of employment.

KEMU may terminate this employment with immediate effect on disciplinary grounds.

Your service will be terminate if you remain continuously absent from duty for 10 days working days without any intimation.

Your appointment is subject to your being found and remaining medically fit at the time of and during employment. You will be required to undergo periodical medical examinations and when decided by the KEMU , such examination decision shall be final and binding on you.

Prof. Dr. M.Zahid Rana


I _________________ Resident_________________NIC no_________hereby declares that , i have understood the terms & conditions of my employment as set out in this appointment letter of which this is a true copy. By my signatures here under, i confirm that i fully accept the said terms and conditions and i agree to abide by the terms and conditions of my employment set out in this appointment letter.









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