Sample Application of Blocking Credit Card 

Sample Application format of blocking the credit card due to stealing. Stealing is a grave offence as it snatches the blood of hard work of people, but if cards are stolen then it’s no big deal as it can be blocked in just few minutes. This format is a guiding star for the awaiting individuals.

Sample Application of Blocking Credit Card 

The Manager,
Educator Bank of Delhi,
New Delhi, India

Subject: Request of blocking the credit card due to stealing

Respected Sir,

It is to be humbly stated that I am account holder in this bank from the past ten years. I had applied for the renewal of the credit card
recently and got the card yesterday. I was on my way to activate it and suddenly I was gang robbed few miles away from my home. I wanted you to kindly block my credit card as soon as possible. I had recorded my required information regarding date of birth, national identity card and name of mother on the phone call. I will be thankful for your prompt and timely action in favor of me.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Aditya Sohaye,
25 th August, 2017

Format 2:

Sample letter format of blocking ATM card due to stealing. Stealing
things are becoming in trend nowadays which is by all means bad sign of a society. Stealing of ATM cards are no issue in current times as they can be block by just dialing one helpline number available on websites and on ATMs. This format can be used by all the complaining ones.

Sample Format of Blocking ATM Card due to Stealing

The Manager,
Elite Bank Private Limited,
Utter Pradesh, India

Subject: Request of blocking ATM card due to stealing

Respected Sir,

It is to be humbly stated that I am employee in this prestigious bank and recently gave my joining in this bank as a cashier. With the possession of bank accounts I was also given a debit card of Master Card  category that permit me to draw fifty thousand rupee per day. I was sleeping in my room when someone break into my room and collected all the valuables with him. The stolen things contained my ATM card as well. Kindly block it as per policy and all the necessary documents are attached with this application. Thank you so much for your time and patience.

Sincerely Yours,
Mr. Dev Chopra
25th August, 2020

Write a letter to the branch manager requesting him to block your credit card as you’ve lost it and ask him to issue you a new card

House No. 1460,
Sector- 20 c,

30th November 2019,

The Manager,
Punjab National Bank, Sector- 20 c,
Chandigarh, 160002

Subject: Request to issue a new credit card.

Dear sir,
I want to inform you that I lost my credit card bearing number 142434549461 on 29th November morning while I was travelling to my office. My credit card was also linked to my savings account number 334928823927 which I am having with your branch of sector 20 c Chandigarh. I request you to block my credit card with immediate effect to refrain any transactions from it.
I would be grateful if you please send a new RuPay credit card at the earliest. I am enclosing a photocopy of my id proof and required documents. As I lost the credit card, I am not able to do financial transactions.
Kindly do the needful.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
Vinay Kumar Yadav

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