Sample Authorization Letter for Medical Care

Sample  Medical Authorization Letter. Employees or employers get in problems sometimes as is very normal in lives of mankind, but this problem is due to their loved ones so they had to take care of themselves as well and wished to demand for authorization of medical care for them. This format can be used by persons who wanted to get the authority letter for their special ones.

Sample Authorization Letter for Medical Care


It is to notify that I am Mr. Ahsan Gill resident of Defense Housing Society. My home address is House no. 36 street no. 8 sector E phase X. My mother named Ms. Salma Raza is a chronic patient of diabetes and recently she had fallen down in bathroom and got her leg fractured. She is suffering double pain as she is diabetic as well and her wounds are getting more than required time for healing. I am a businessman and I had to move in and out of the country for official meetings and conferences or getting new tenders.

It is now becoming very difficult for me to stay back and assist her in her illness so, I am authorizing her medical care to my employee named Mr. Ehsaan Ahmed with national identity card number 3215-764325- 8 and house number 58, street number 34 kaboter pura Lahore. In my absence he will be responsible for my mother’s health and care in medicine and all related issues. In case any issue popped up in my absence, he is allowed to call me or any of my relatives for his help. All the legal documents regarding my mother’s medical care are given to him along-with the contact numbers of my family on need base.

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