Request Application By Parents To Waive Off Registration Fee

If as a parent you are in a situation to ask for a fee concession or fee waiver due to financial difficulties from your child`s school/college/university. You can check our sample application for the said purpose provided below. Necessary Changes can be done.

 Table of Content:

  • Easy format of sample application by the parent to waive the registration fee.
  • Easy template of a sample application to waive registration fee due to financial crisis.
  • Sample application to waive off university registration fee due to financial issues.
  • Sample Application for waiver of the registration fee

Sample Application by the Parent to Waive Registration Fee


The Principal,

LEADS High School. New Dehli.

Subject: Request Application To Waive off Registration Fee Of My Daughter

Respected Sir,

With due respect, it is stated that I, Raj Kumar have just got the notification that my daughter has been accepted into your high school. I a very happy as this was her dream and I want her to study at your prestigious institute and get to know the people and opportunities here. The only problem is that I have to pay a huge amount f registration fee plus the security amount plus the fee for events all at once at the time of admission. My daughter is a very smart and ambitious student. But I am a normal salaried person. I will somehow manage to pay her monthly fee but the amount of registration fee is a lot for me and I don’t afford it right now. Kindly waive her registration fee somehow. I will be very grateful.

Raj Kumar.

Easy Application to Waive Off Registration Fee Due to Financial Issues


The Principal,

Ros International School.

Subject: Application To Waive Registration Fee Of My Son

Respected Sir,

I am Varun Singhania, and I am writing this to you to request a waiver for my son`s registration fee that I have to pay this month for him to get admitted. He passed his admission test ad scored the highest out of all the students. He is a very smart and talented young boy and I want him to study at your institution for better campus life and opportunities for growth. The only problem is that the registration fee is unreasonably high. Due to inflation and our financial crisis, I can not pay this amount. I would be grateful if you waive his registration fee. I will be the kindest favor. Thanks.

Varun Singhania.

Sample Application To Waive Off University Registration Fee


The Director,

Delhi University Of Arts

Subject: Request to waive the registration fee.

Respected Sir,

I am Neha Dhupia, I am the single mother of Jaya Dhupia my daughter who got admission to your university on merit with the highest marks in her inter. She is fond of studying arts and being a designer and your university is one dream place for her to study. As I am about to pay the registration fee for her admission for her to start her 1st semester, I wanted to request a waiver for the registration fee. I am a single mother and it has been hard maintaining a life with 2 kids. I am doing my most but this amount is huge and I do not afford to pay it right now. I would like to request a kind favor to waive this registration fee and only take the fee for the semester for Jaya. So that it is easy for us and she gets to start her classes. I will be thankful. Thanks.

Neha Dhupia.

Sample Application To Waive Registration Fee

The Principal,

Smart Learning School.

Subject: Application To Waive Registration Fee Of My Son.

Respected Sir,

This is to request you to kindly waive the registration fee of Kunal Khanna my son who is getting admission to 7th grade in your school. I am a daily wage worker and can not pay the huge amount of registration fee. Kindly give us this favor and admit him without the registration fee. I will be grateful for this kind gesture. Will be waiting for your response.

Arjun Khanna.

Father of Kunal Khanna.

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