Application for Study Tour

Sample format of Request Application for Study Tour, Department tour or trip.  Application to the Dean or Department head from students or Application to the VC or Dean from Senior Teacher, Professor or Tutorial In charge for arranging a trip. Easy Sample are given below:

Request Application for Department Tour

The Dean,
Department of Microbiology,
Lahore University.

Subject: Application for Department Tour


Most respectfully it is stated that on behalf of the entire four batches of BS. Microbiology it is requested to you that we want to arrange a department tour. Fun and creativity makes students fresh minded and such activities are necessary to keep them active.

Since our department has not planned any Department Tour till now in which the entire department is together. The teachers has decided one, Tour towards Islamabad for 3 days. Only willing students will go along no one shall be forced. The contributions will make the budget. Only your kind permission is required  for final plannings.

Kindly, consider upon the request. I shall be highly obliged.

Thanking You In Anticipation.


Prof. Ahmad Ali.
Tutorial Incharge.

Request Application for Department Trip
Request Application for Department Trip

Sample Application for Trip

The Department Head,
Department of Computer Science.
LUMS, Lahore.

Subject: Application for Trip

Respected Sir,

It is stated that I am Ali Akbar C.R of BS. Computer Sciences Semester 8th, 4th Year. Sir it is requested that as our mid-term examinations are over and the whole class performed really well. In this year we have not arranged any recreational activity. So, we want you to arrange a trip (even of one day) so that we might feel fresh enough to cope up with the challenges of final term.

It is humbly requested by our whole class that arrange a trip for us. As this is our final year in this University. We want our last moments to be memorable. Entire class (20 students) are signatory below. Please consider our request. I shall be obliged to you.

Yours Obediently,
Talha Shareef.
CR BS. Comp. Science 4th Year.
Roll number: 09999-Comp.

Write an Application For Permission To Arrange A Study Tour

DAte: dd/mm/yy


The Principle,

Name of the school…,


Subject: Application for permission to arrange a study tour.


I, on behalf of the students of (class….) of your school, beg to state that we wish to make a study tour to (Place name…). We feel that minor perusing of books can’t make our information complete unless we see the things with our eyes. Study tour Is intriguing as well as educational. It broadens our learning of history and convention. It likewise increases our standpoint. Besides, tedious classes make our life dull and exhausting. The tour might remember us from this repetitiveness of our directing life. Two of our instructors have consented to guide us throughout the tour. This study tour will cost about Tk 25,000.00. We are ready to contribute half of the total expenditure.

We, therefore, hope that you kindly permit us to make the study tour and sanction Tk. 12,500.00 only and oblige thereby.

Obediently yours,

Student Name…

On behalf of the students of class….

Write an Application for Permission to go on Study Tour

Date: dd/mm/yy


The Principle,

School/College Name…


Subject: Prayer for Permission to go on Study Tour.


With due respect, we are the students of your school/college (Class), beg to state that we want to go to a study tour on next week for refreshment. We think we can gain practical knowledge of various things along with our textbooks. It also helps to make a good breakthrough from our boring life. So we need your permission and financial support and we are also hoping you to come with us.

We will be much obliged if you allow us to arrange and go on the study tour.

Yours obediently


On behave of the students of

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