Application for Promotion in Next Class

Application for promotion to next class. In writing an application to promote your child to the next class, you have include current section and information in it. Sample application for class jumping or class promotion in school.

Application for Promotion in Next Class

The Principal
Elite High School
Abbottabad, Pakistan.

Subject:  Application for promotion in next class by mother

Dear Madam,

It is stated that I request the promotion of my son in the next class this academic session. My son who attends your school in class seven was not able to take the exams because he was suffering from typhoid and had to be hospitalised. I submitted his sick leave application during the exams. It is required now that I submit another application to the effect of his promotion as well.

I request you to please give him a waiver for this academic session, it is suggested that his percentage be calculated for his performance during the entire session, he scored very well in his midterm and
monthly exams. I will be grateful if you could find a solution to this issue so that he does not have to spend another year in the same class.

Yours Truly,
Thomos Ronld
23 rd November, 2017

Application for Double Promotion

The Principal,
Bonson High School,

Subject:  Application for double promotion

Dear Sir,

It is requested that my daughter has scored the required marks to be eligible for a double promotion this year. She is a student of class three in your school and has always been a dedicated and bright
student. This year the school suggested that if she is able to score ninety five percent then she will be promoted to class five instead of four since she is gifted and can do better if the curriculum is
challenging enough for her. Now that she has done so and excelled I believe it will be better if she is double promoted. This will make her better adjusted in school since the curriculum will better serve
her intellectual needs and will indeed keep her motivated for study and academic progress.

Yours Truly,

Anjum Salamat
23 rd , November, 2016.

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  1. this is asha rani i was appointed as principle at college i perform unique duties during my tenure upper authorities gave me good remarks on my dedication towards my work and conduct and provide me number of clean chits on my work and conduct i prepared a team of students about taking part into the election campaign the criteria of election campaign was based on fair and free elections and prepared some students to study at established institutions and perform number of extraordinary duties which are uncountable with my own way so i am deserving candidate for the next promotion that i could perform my duties happily in the coming years

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