Application for Fee Installment

Sample Application of  Fee Installment For Students who want to apply for their fee installment due to various reasons. For students who are not able to pay their educational expenses and want their department head to cooperate with them and grant their fee installment. An easy template to be used for school, college and university students. Mention your genuine reason and write up simple and brief. Students who can’t afford fee due to low income or domestic issues. Simple format is given below:

Application of Fee Installment For University Students

The Dean,
Department of Business Management,
Punjab University,Lahore.

Subject: Application for Fee Installment

Respected Sir,
It is stated that I am student of BBA first year and my enrollment number is En-980. I want to say that I have cleared my first semester with good result, I secured GPA of 3.98. The enrollment for second semester is opened now. I belong to poor family and I also applied for scholarship but unfortunately could not get it. The fee for new semester is twenty thousand rupees, Rs. 20,000/- which is a huge amount for me to pay. I am the elder one in my family and my father is the only earner. Giving such a huge amount lump sum would not be possible for me.

I request you if you kindly allow me fee installment. By this I will get enrolled as well and my loss of study would be prevented. Kindly, allow me to make four installment of Rs. Five Thousand per month. It would be far more easy to me to manage this money. I shall be obliged for such a huge act of favor.

Thanking you I remain,

Yours obediently,
Salman Murtaza.
BBA-1st year
Roll number:

Date: 6th August, 2014

Application of Fee Installment For University Students
Application of Fee Installment For University Students


Application for School Fee Installment

The Principal,
Ehsna Foundation, Lahore.

Subject: Application for Fee Installment

Respected Madam,
It is stated that I am students of Class 8th (Red Section) and my roll number is 25. I want to drag your attention towards my issue. It is to inform that next month summer vacations will be started and according to notification of school all students have to pay their three months dues before vacations.

I am a good student and never had any problem with my fee issues. Unfortunately my elder sister’s admission in Medical College is this month and for that purpose my father isn’t able to pay all the dues collectively yet. Kindly, I request you to grant me fee installation so that it may lessen the burden and I may not suffer from any problem. I shall be grateful to you.
Yours obediently,

Sidra Ali.
Class 8th.
Roll number:

Date: 6th August, 2014


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