Sample Letter Format of New Attorney Announcement

Sample letter format of new attorney announcement. Legal process is mandatory for continuation of office work in hustle free and normal routine way. Announcements are done for this purpose in black and white to avoid any confusion or rivalry in the
working conditions of the respective office. This letter is helpful for the searching ones.

Sample Letter Format of New Attorney Announcement

All the employees and supportive staff,
Allied Legal Solutions Firm Limited
New York, United States of America.
20 th  July 2012

Subject: New attorney announcement letter

Dear Employees,

Good day! I hope you all will be satisfied in your lives and may you stay like this forever. This journey of ours comprises of 15 solid years being tied in relationship of employer and employees. During this time period, many left us for their own personal issues and many joined us thus adding good experiences in this company. We are heading in forward gear because of the matchless rich skills and areas of knowledge. I always welcome the new inductions to this company of ours.

As you all knew, Mr. Aston Watt had left us and I am feeling delighted to inform you that in place of him, Mr. Watson Alfred had joined us yesterday in papers and by coming Monday he will join us physically.

As to his degree, he had earned an L.L.B and had served many valued companies with his expertise and skills. He will enrich our team and related work to utmost level and I expect a heartiest cooperation from your side. Make him feel comfortable among you and develop a congenial environment of learning and teaching from each other. Thanking you for your time and cooperation.

Best Regards,
Mr. Andrew Fill Sawyer,
Director Manager of Recruitment Cell,
Allied Legal Solutions Firm Limited.
30 th September, 201

Easy Format of New Attorney Announcement Letter

Dear  Employees,

I am lettering this letter to inform you that Mr. Jonesy Wilson will be joining our company on 1 st October 2017 in the position of attorney. He has working practice of over fifteen years as deputy attorney with the International Legal Corporation. Mr. Jonesy has earned specialization in dealing with civil as well as criminal cases. He has been allied with legal files for the last twenty years and he has efficaciously fought over two hundred cases of varied origin in his eminent career till now. Mr. Jonesy is renowned for his hard work and timekeeping among the employees of his previous employer. He has completed his degree of LLB from the legal University of Buffalo in the year 2000 with distinction marks and
secured 2 nd position in the university.

We hope that you will relish working under the active leadership of Mr. Jonesy. I kindly request all of you to hail him a warm comfy when he takes charge of his office on 1 st  October, 2017 and wish you all the best for a cheerful future ahead. I expect a very cooperative attitude of yours towards him. Thanking you for your time and cooperation.

Best Regards,

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