Sample Announcement Letter of Writing Competition 

Sample Announcement Letter of Writing Competition. Writing competitions give the opportunity to show their talent as well as to get polish by observing their mistakes and learning from others for true guidelines. Writing competitions held in offices can be really effective and a new activity.

Sample Announcement Letter of Writing Competition

The Employees,
Brand Castle Emporium Store,
Buffalo, United Kingdom.

Subject: Writing Competition Announcement Letter

Dear Employees,

Seasoned readers must be familiar with Sir Francis Bacon and his famous quote on writing…. ‘Writing makes a man perfect’. Yes! You guessed it squarely. We want perfection not only for our products, but for our employees as well. Writing is not an easy task especially when it comes to creative writing. To ease it down the management decided to put an excellent incentive for the winner and the time span of fifteen days from the announcement of topic must be kept into strict consideration in order to avail the opportunity!

We are here announcing the first topic of this month and it is ‘Rivalry is healthy in competitions’ Your composition must contain 300 word limit and twenty sources from scholarly sites, but it should be plagiarism free document or you will cut your marks. The winner will get one day holiday and it would be paid!

We will announce the second topic for creative writing with the announcement of the winner of the later writing. Each time topic will be different and so will be the case with incentive. At the end of the year the overall best writer award will be given to the person who would win three consecutive winning positions! The incentive to him or her would be a free ticket to the place of his or her dream city or country! Pull up your socks and get to work!

Best Regards,
30 th September, 2017

Writing Competition Announcement Format

Dear Employees of this Castle!

Hailing on your way bloomed with flowers and smelled with exotic aroma of hyacinth! We are very well aware of the boring, calculated, hectic and non-romantic life of offices so we decided to break this ice and announced writing competition among yourselves on the topic of Tourism to Hawaii. Today we are here to announce the winner to this contest!

We are thrilled to announce that the winner of our writing contest is Janet Dove. Congratulations, Janet! She was successful in securing 80 marks out of 100 in the writing competition held in the month of November, which breaks the record held by Mr. John Dew since last January. Her achievement is chiefly impressive as she used excellent diction and reminded me of John Keats….the famous poet of Romantic Era. It was the pure delight to read her rich words and saucy syntax!

For her outstanding work we unanimously decide that she will receive a trip for two of them to Honolulu, Hawaii. We wish her and her husband excellent days for fortnight! We again congratulate you on your winning victory! Our next competition begins in January. Get ready, the succeeding winner may be you next in chain. Our commitment depends on your passion to read and write. We want you all to excel in your lives not only financially, but intellectually as well!

Best Regards,

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